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6 natural and effective solutions for premature ejaculation


How to delay ejaculation? 6 natural and effective solutions for premature ejaculation

Enjoy too fast can be very frustrating for the 2 partners when it happens too often and uncontrollably. After understanding the causes of premature ejaculation, here are six effective solutions that have helped me to delay ejaculation and you can use right now.

1. Use thicker condom

If you're struggling to delay ejaculation, you can reduce your sensitivity using thicker condoms. There are also condoms that contain anesthetic gels to help delay ejaculation longer.

For example, I used the condom "Endurance" brand Durex when I was just beginning to cure my premature ejaculation. It contains benzocaine anesthetic that smoothly and helps delay ejaculation. Little more, its shape is designed to maintain the erection for longer! Simple and effective.

I consider that using thicker condom to delay ejaculation is a solution that is effective in the short term but that is not always viable in the long term. Especially when you're with her long-time partner.

Condoms, it can still be expensive when love making love;-). And have sex without a condom is nicer ... when you are with a partner for some time and that you trust (safety first!).

2. Retardant gels

If you have unprotected sex with your partner, know that there retardants gels that you can apply on the glans.

Apply the gel on the glans and massage so that penetrates the mucosa. Leave on for 10 minutes and clean the penis scalped with running water before sexual act (do not worry, the gel will have penetrated the skin). If you do not clean your penis, you may anesthetize the your partner's vagina!

3. Masturbate before sex

You masturbate a few hours if you know you will have sex that day. This will allow you to delay ejaculation during the 2 nd time.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as that;-)

4. Relax during sex and make last preliminary

If all your muscles are tense, you may ejaculate faster than if you were relaxed. Then release your body, loosen the toes and put you at ease!

Take your time before penetration and made to last foreplay. The advantage is twofold:

You give time to channel your excitement;
Although excite your partner that penetration does not last too long for it to reach orgasm. If she enjoys faster, you have to make less effort to delay ejaculation!
Foreplay is a good time to oral sex. A good cunnilingus can only put your partner in favorable conditions to achieve orgasm during penetration easier:-).

5. The best sexual positions to last longer

There are sexual positions that are more conducive than others to delay ejaculation.

Choose a position where you can spare your sexual arousal. It depends on each of us. In my case, I know the "doggy style" is a position that excites me a lot and makes me cum faster. When I feel the sensation of excitement rises too fast, I change position.

Choose a comfortable position and do not ask too much effort. So you will be more relaxed and you can better manage your excitement.

The best position for this is that of the andromaque: you are lying on your back with a pillow under the head (for that matter!) and your partner is riding on you.

Choose a position that does not stimulate your penis too. Some positions give more effect than others. The missionary is a position where the penis into the vagina naturally aligned, allowing you to last longer. To delay ejaculation more effectively in this position, try to align your body as possible with your partner, placing your forearms on the bed

The missionary helps delay ejaculation when the partners are aligned. Man sits on his forearms, hands at the head of his partner.

6. Spread the excitement in your body

This is surely one of the best techniques I learned through a friend to delay ejaculation.

If you focus your concentration on the sensation of your penis during intercourse, you may enjoy very quickly. To delay ejaculation as much as possible, try to focus on the whole of your body, not just your penis.

When I feel the excitement rising, I transport my attention to the sensation of my feet or my legs for example. I try to feel the touch of my feet on the bed or how my feet are anchored in the ground if I'm standing.

I can also focus my attention elsewhere than on the body of my partner. I stare eg ceiling or wall in front of me. This allows me to lower my excitement and delay ejaculation.

With practice, you can even delay your ejaculation by focusing your thoughts on less exciting things: your shopping list, your appointment with the banker, bills to pay etc. It's not glamorous, but it's very effective!

 If you feel you are about to enjoy, do not hesitate to withdraw while continuing to stimulate your partner with hugs and kisses. Use your fingers or make him oral sex to keep her excitement while waiting for your back down (without either up losing your erection obviously).

Exercises to delay ejaculation long term

6 tips I gave you above are solutions that you can apply now to delay ejaculation. However, in long term, I urge you to exercise regularly to help you resolve all your worries early sustainable ejaculation. Obviously it will ask you the motivation to perform these exercises regularly, but if you are motivated, they will help you to become really tough to bed as they were able to help me. In order to get the detail guides to solve this problem in long term, please CLICK HERE. I guarantee that you permanently solve this problem and are always satisfied.

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