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How to prolong ejaculation


How to prolong ejaculation. Useful tips against premature ejaculation

It is well known that the mutual pleasure delivered by a man and a woman in bed is the most complete when both reach orgasm at the same time. Therefore, premature ejaculation can be quite unpleasant. If it happens twice a year, this is no problem. However, if a man regularly ends before his girlfriend it’s becoming problem. Time after time you should consider some actions.

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder common male faces these days. It is expressed in the fact that man is emptied before the actual penetration or immediately thereafter.

According to most experts, they are mostly psychological, but there is information that can also be physiological.

In some cases, such premature ejaculation may be a product of another disorder - erectile dysfunction. According to some studies - men who suffer from this problem, and men who have no such complaints, there are differences in the levels of certain hormones, as well as the sensitivity of the genitals. Various health problems and some medications can also lead to premature discharge.

Psychology and...
On the other hand, some psychological moments facilitate the occurrence of this disorder. For example, men who are eager to get an erection or are worried whether they will hold it long enough, often suffer from premature discharge.

Premature discharge may be early sexual intercourse, where there is a desire of quick finishing for various reasons, such as not to get caught. In addition, if a man grew up in an environment where sex is considered something dirty or sinful, it could develop a sense of guilt associated with sex, and thus endeavor to complete the sexual act as quickly as possible.

Other sexual problems also contribute to the occurrence of premature discharge. Such a problem is the fear of losing an erection, often associated with impotence. These things can also lead to a desire to complete a quick sex before something goes wrong. A rush is a common cause of the problem we are discussing.

Stress leads to many problems, and this is hardly hear it for the first time. Any emotional or mental stress can affect your performance in bed and lead to disorders including premature ejaculation.
When you talk about premature ejaculation?

As you know, there is no generally accepted rule for how long after the act the man should be emptied. To say that there is a problem, we must consider the subjective experience of both partners - if in most cases, when a man and a woman have sex, the man left before they both want it, then there is premature ejaculation.

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