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How to cure premature ejaculation


How to cure premature ejaculation

How to cure premature ejaculation is a very common question, do you have the same question? Follow us to find the answer for this question. Doctors says that there are two types of premature ejaculation: a primary, in which the problem exists, since the man in question is sexually active; and secondary, which occurred at some point before that he had no such problems.

Decision of how to cure premature ejaculation
If you have doubts, this is neither shameful nor degrading to return to the doctor sexologist. Yet it is the specialist will best judge whether there is really a problem, what you received and how to be removed. And, as already mentioned, premature ejaculation is quite common, so you have nothing to worry about. If you see a doctor, you should be prepared to answer a lot of personal issues, but there is no way - just so the specialist can assess where the core of the problem. These questions may relate to your religious upbringing, your sexual experience, the circumstances in which the disturbance occurred, your overall health, any friction in your current relationship ... The problem of "premature ejaculation" involving many factors.  To answer the main question - how to cure premature ejaculation you should start with things that you can do alone.

One of the recommendations of the experts is masturbating an hour or two before sex in order to slow as possible ejaculation during the act. Another tip for a while to avoid intercourse and instead practice other types of sexual play (manual, oral ...) to reduce tension on how to present the penis.
There is one method that can also help. It consists of the following: Sex begins as usual with foreplay, stimulation of the penis etc. At the moment the man feels that will end his partner grabs finger tip of the penis - where the head ends. The idea is to apply a several pressure to eliminate the desire of man to do immediately. Then wait half a minute and again renewed foreplay. It is possible to decrease slightly erection of this procedure, but it's just a bit, as soon as the stimulation continues, it becomes normal again. This is always done when a man is about to end, but does not want it. But after several such acts lead to a situation in which the man himself can now help himself, without requiring any techniques.

Another method is to remove the penis from the woman every time you feel that it would end, and she is not ready for this.

Some condom use also slows ejaculation as it reduces the stimulation of the penis.

Why should I take action?

If premature ejaculation is not addressed, it can greatly harm a relationship. However, sex is an essential part of the man-woman relationship and sexual problems very easily grow into communication problems, etc. Moreover, the confidence of every man is very important to him to feel satisfied, and if he emptied prematurely, this cannot happen.

The most important thing in the sexual side of a relationship (and throughout the relationship) is both partners feel equally satisfied with what they do together. So any problem that you, she, or they both have in bed should be considered. In the beginning it may be awkward, but if you do not talk about these things, they cannot repair itself. Moreover, often the in a candid conversation may find that the problem is not serious and that they can quickly resolve it. This will improve the quality of the relationship as a whole.

To cure premature ejaculation is not an end result but it is a process. You need follows strictly step by step. Wish you can cure premature ejaculation quickly to enjoy your endless love life.

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