Sunday, November 9, 2014

6 Ways to help you last longer in bed


6 Ways to help you last longer in bed - how to last longer in bed

"Ah, you already finish?" and "Um ... that was all?" can certainly be among the worst lines that we hear in bed. Premature ejaculation is one of the problems at least like to face and which can seriously undermine men’s confidence. This is the reason we, gathered 6 best techniques that will help you to find the answer of how to last longer in bed:

1. Stop and squeeze
If you feel that you close to ejaculation, while the chick under /over/ next to you is not ready, stop for a moment and squeeze your penis just below the glans. The pressure should be on the urethra, at the underside of the penis. This technique stops the flow of blood in the article and so slows ejaculation.

2. Stop bumping
Do not start immediately with deep penetration and strong strokes. Instead, take some time out of the first few inches of her vagina - there are clustered many nerve endings and the delay in this place you will definitely like it. During the main part focused on shallow movements with small amplitude instead of strong and deep thrusts.

3. Ladies first
Easy answer of how to last longer in bed: If you concentrate on her orgasm, it will help you psychologically, which is very important. As soon as she finished first, your worries whether it will satisfy fall. And worries and doubts in your abilities are among the reasons that can lead to premature ejaculation.

4. Two times, just for luck
How to last longer in bed? Once you have done once, the second time will last longer. So just repeat. This does not prevent you to try it to reach orgasm the first time. If you still do not get it up with her second round, which will focus only on her pleasure. And with the help of other techniques will increase the length and the first time.

5. Tell her to go over your
When it is above, the stimulation of the penis is smaller. Especially if you ask to move slowly.

6. Do not think about orgasm

Whether you're trying to finish or not to finish the thought of running out causes the brain to adjust to orgasm. Therefore focus on other things. Try for example to think about how nice to grope her breasts or to bury his fingers in her hair. Thus pleasure extends to other parts of your body, not just the penis, and thus ejaculation is delayed.

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