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5 causes of premature ejaculation


5 causes of premature ejaculation

Few people know but premature ejaculation is the sexual problem that occurs most often in men. A medical study found that over 65% of men aged 18 to 69 at least occasionally suffered from premature ejaculation (This study also explains that often suffers 11% and 5% suffer from very early ejaculation called "ante portas" , ie even before penetration). Before discussing the solutions to heal, we first focus on the causes of premature ejaculation.

But first: What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the act of ejaculating too quickly without being able to control his excitement. It is not considered a disease, ie that premature ejaculation is not due to a physical malfunction. However, the failure to control his ejaculation can seriously harm the welfare of the couple.

It is common to consider that premature ejaculation is when it arrives before 2 minutes after penetration. But in reality, there is no exact definition of premature ejaculation. However, it could be defined as:

 Ejaculation happens before the man or the woman wishes, causing dissatisfaction or frustration of both partners.

The EP comes in varying degrees of severity. In its most severe form, ejaculation comes just thinking of an exciting situation without a contact. This is (hopefully) a very rare case. In fact, premature ejaculation occurs just before penetration during or shortly after.

Causes of premature ejaculation 

1. No. 1 cause - Anxiety, Stress

The causes of premature ejaculation are mostly psychological in origin time and rarely a physical problem.

Anxiety can cause chemical changes in the nervous system, accelerating the ejaculatory reflex. In striving to fight against the fears, the ejaculatory aggravates the loss of control, like a man struggling in quicksand.

The stress of the first

The first sex can be stressful, causing premature ejaculation. Whether the first time or the first time with a new partner, we find the same components:

- The fact of not knowing "sexually" his partner and not be comfortable with it;
- Being uptight, not to be relaxed;
- Fear to fail to give him pleasure;
- The long wait for the first sexual intercourse which only deepens the pressure starts man on itself.
The stress of the first generally decreases with time and the complicity that is forged slowly within the couple.

The lack of sexual confidence

The fear of not being able to satisfy his partner, not to "make the bed" can be one of the causes of premature ejaculation. It is especially harmful after a premature ejaculation, the man can still lose a notch confidence that already lacked. A vicious circle is created that may be difficult for him to get out.

The lack of sexual confidence may manifest in different forms:

- A man who lacks experience with women;
- A man who is obsessed with his sexual performance;
- An elderly man who has a relationship with a woman much younger than him;
- A man who generally lack confidence in him;
- Etc.
The negative reviews its performance and lack of support from sexual partner may sink even further in his premature ejaculation problem.

Anxiety due to lack of experience rather than age

One might think that age is one of the causes of premature ejaculation. But in reality, it is rather the lack of experience that is factor EP. If premature ejaculation instead arrives at the young man, it is simply due to the recent nature of his sexuality rather than his age.

When little sexual experience and that we had sex with a new partner or different requirements usually (unusual places, unusual practices), premature ejaculation may occur.

2. The psychological trauma

Bad sexual experiences may leave marks and be one of the causes of premature ejaculation.

Injuries can occur in different ways:

- First sexual experience failed: secret place, fear of being caught, pressure to do well. All of which have marked the premature ejaculation;
- Sex that have not lived up to the expectation of one of the two partners;
- A relational order conflict with his partner;
- Repeated negative reviews about human sexual performance from his partner (or ex-partner);
- Etc.

3. Education and Identity

Education and life experience may also be causes of premature ejaculation:

- The feeling of shame and guilt associated with a strict religious upbringing where sex is seen as a sin can be a source of EP;
- A man who is not comfortable in his masculinity, skirmish between the fear of being dominated and the desire to dominate.

4. The frequency of sexual intercourse

Infrequent sex or rarely can cause premature ejaculation.

We rarely think of it as causes of premature ejaculation. Yet it is real and can be easily resolved (well, it depends on your partner and your power of persuasion;-)).

5. Premature ejaculation as a secondary cause of another evil

Sometimes, premature ejaculation is a side effect of another problem.

 This may be caused by the difficulty of obtaining strong and sustainable erection that would lead men to enjoy as soon as possible before losing his erection;
Or a physical problem in the prostate, or an infection of the urethra causing painful sensations in man. Hence the search for a quick enjoyment to reduce their suffering;
Drug use can also stimulate the nervous system and cause a more rapid ejaculation as desired.

The consequences of premature ejaculation

Sexual point of view, premature ejaculation is correlated with a lack of sensation during ejaculation. One of the secondary effects of ejaculation is having trouble maintaining his erection. The PE can also reduce sexual desire. Indeed, by dint of concentrating on controlling his ejaculation, man can indulge in sexual pleasure.

Even worse, if the premature ejaculation problem is not treated, it can destroy gradually the confidence of the man who is the victim and his couple. With repeated failures, negative feelings accumulate both in the man who is injured in his esteem and masculinity that his partner does not feel satisfied.

Do not let premature ejaculation ruin your life!!! React before it is too late!!! 

My close friend almost loses (his work, his friends and his girlfriend), because premature ejaculation eating him from the inside. He is a proof that you can get away and with motivation, we can get by.

Treat the causes of premature ejaculation to be finally happy!!!

No bizarre drugs, just the motivation and exercise! You can CLICK HERE to find down more detail guides. I believe that you can happy more! Try and experience!

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