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3 exercises to control premature ejaculation


3 exercises to control premature ejaculation

Many people think that treating premature ejaculation is a waste of time. Yet there are exercises to control premature ejaculation. Working with regularity, I have managed in less than 2 months to finally get rid of this problem which rots the lives of so many men.

I propose you a series of exercise to do regularly that complement the techniques to delay premature ejaculation that you can apply immediately.

The stop and go

The stop and go is an exercise whose principle is to stimulate his penis while masturbating and stop when you feel that ejaculation is imminent.

Take a break of 30 to 60 seconds. Gradually, as you learn to control ejaculation, you will decrease the pause time.
Repeat and allow you to enjoy at the end of the 5th time.
The purpose of this exercise is to learn to identify the time when you will enjoy and master this feeling. In addition to teaching your body, signals and mechanisms to control ejaculation, you gain confidence: Indeed, it is you who decide when you ejaculate!

You can also ask your partner to masturbate. In this case, you must tell her when to stop. This variant is more difficult because the situation is more exciting and you will need more effort to ask your partner to stop while controlling your ejaculation.

The squeeze

Squeeze is a term that means "shake". The idea is to squeeze box (or ask his partner to shake) the base of the penis just past the glans with his thumb and forefinger when you feel the excitement coming. Apply much pressure on the urethra, the tube underneath the penis, which leads sperm.

Done at the right time, the "squeeze" reduces blood flow and so delay ejaculation.

If the "squeeze" is performed too late and you've reached the point of "no return", ejaculation is gone. Then you will delay the only momentarily: sperm then flow without pressure once you have loosened the penis.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises involve muscle the PC muscle (for pubococcygeus). In addition to delay ejaculation, have a toned PC muscle provides orgasms without ejaculating!

How to locate the PC muscle?

The area of the muscles of the PC to control ejaculation
It's very simple: the PC muscle is the one that allows you to hold your urine when you go to the bathroom. What man has ever played it when he was a kid? ;-). It is located between the anus and testicles.

To find it, you just have to urinate and try to stop the flow of current. You should feel a contraction between the testicles and anus.

Congratulations, you make your first flexion PC!

How the PC muscle?

First, start work gradually. As a body builder who would put too much strain on his body at once, without heating, it may be injured.

Without going that far, you risk small aches if you force too early!

Exercise 1: Small contraction. Contract the PC muscle, hold 2 seconds then release. 5 Perform the first day. Exercise 2 : Large contraction. Contract the PC muscle, hold for 10 seconds. Perform in one the first day. The goal is to increase a repetition in each session. Once you reach 20 repetitions for the period 1 to 10 for the year 2, start by adding one second contraction every year.

When train your PC muscle?

The advantage of this exercise to control ejaculation is to be invisible to all causes when his PC muscle!

You can train whenever you like: eating, watching TV, transportation, office etc.
The most important is consistency. If you decide to do three sessions a day, keep your commitment and keep that pace. It is better to aim high and be less regular than trying to do 10 sessions one day and being tired after 3 days.
With 1-2 months of regular exercise (I emphasize "regular"), you start seeing amazing results on your ability to control ejaculation.

If you practice good tonic PC will allow you to control ejaculation during sex.

When you feel the pleasure mounted, you just have to make contractions to decrease your excitement and delay ejaculation.

The secret to a good ejaculatory control is to identify the moment just before the "point of no return" (the one where you can not hold ejaculation) to make your contractions or remove yourself from your partner if your PC muscle is not yet strong enough.

Therefore, these three exercises are complementary to cure premature ejaculation and become a great lover in bed!

The stop and go teach you to identify the signals to control ejaculation and gain confidence in your ability to master you,
The squeeze teaches you to locate the point of no return and acknowledge the ultimate time to delay ejaculation momentarily;
Kegel exercises help beef up your PC to delay ejaculation in full sexual act.

So get started now! You do not need equipment, no need to put yourself in sportswear to cure your premature ejaculation and finally live the life of your dreams!

To get detail guidebook, you can click here to discover how to do it steps by steps.