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3 proper exercises of Penis Enlargement


3 proper exercises of Penis Enlargement from Penis Growth Guide

Men who love sports often wonder whether it is possible to pump up the penis and make it bigger and vividly? To answer this question, we need to talk about the anatomy of man. First of all: the penis is not a skeletal muscle, and cartilage of the processes. The penis consists of 3 large corpora cavernosa, which are able to fill with blood during an erection and expand. Two of these corpora cavernosa are the left and right inside the penis. The other cavernosum runs underneath the penis. For a detailed explanation, you can access Wikipedia page with the key word “Corpus cavernosum penis” and learn more about the anatomy of the penis. What, then, gives the penis a solid state? Penis gets excited view because the rush of blood, due to this the penis is erect and in significantly increasing in size. So pump up the penis and thereby increase its size, but to get this great result you must practice special exercises that are easy to perform at home. In this article, we will tell you how to do it.

Since many of the exercises for penis enlargement are a bit traumatic, you need to conduct a thorough warm-up before training corpora cavernosa. To do this, you should dip a towel in hot water to make it wet and hot. Next thoroughly wring a towel and wrap the penis completely for 2-3 minutes. Skin and blood vessels become more elastic, which will help reduce the likelihood of injury to zero.

The first exercise
The first thing you need - is lubrication. From it, you can do the exercises without damaging your penis. Conveniently sit down on the bed or chair and grease lubricated penis. Next, using the thumb and index finger to capture the penis at its base and start slowly withdraw the skin to the head, there is thus stretching the penis and erectile tissues. After some time, your penis will become erect and increase in size. And it must have the necessary conditions for the exercise. Despite the increase in size of the penis, continue the exercise without weakening the grip at the base. In this case you need to increase the speed of reciprocation from the base of the penis to his head. Performing this exercise, you try to keep as much blood in the cavernous pores penis. After 10 minutes, you can achieve an erection, and the need to squeeze as much as possible at the base of the penis with the purpose of delaying cast to blood flow to the penis, so that she could stretch the corpus cavernosum.

Hold the penis in this state for 1 minute, then release. If during exercise you feel a little discomfort or pain - immediately cease to perform the training and re-read the instructions for its implementation.
If you regularly repeat this exercise every day, you can enlarge your penis up to 3 inches for 1 month.

The second exercise
The main purpose of this exercise is to stretch the penis length in neeregirovannom first, and then in erection.
After the necessary preparations for the heating of the penis you need to cover the head, thereby preventing blood flow, and begin to perform reciprocating motion, namely the press and stretch the penis in turn. This exercise you will achieve stretching of the corpora cavernosa, which make up the penis. Each time taking him, try to stretch the penis until the minor pain and pull back each time more and more. But beware: this exercise can cause minor injuries, which is undesirable for the success of your workout. When you have reached the maximum stretching your penis, try for 10 seconds to detain him in such a state, first stretching before him, and then lift up and just hold 10-15 seconds maximum extended position without loosening the grip hand.

The third exercise
It involves training neeregirovannogo member in a relaxed state. For this you need to take your fingers and try penis, applying a moderate amount of force to begin its long stretch. Do each repetition is recommended for 10-15 seconds. After doing 10 reps, change the position of the penis and stretching lift it up, thereby pushing it to the pubic bone. Later start to stretch your penis, turning it 360 degrees to help stretch cartilaginous spines at the base of the penis.
Upon completion of the training you need to spend a relaxing massage to restore the work of the vascular system. You can also take a hot bath, which has a beneficial impact not only on your workout, but also to the testicles. Warming will help you relax and cope with the feelings that you have received during the exercise.

Basically, there are no limits on the maximum possible size. This depends mostly on each body. In the U.S., there are reports of people who have made it of 11cm length and 20cm length in the excited state. In fact, this is possible. However, I am now going to take the illusion that you will do so in 2 weeks or 2 months. This usually requires months and Years of training to achieve such a huge increase.

The good news, however, is that the largest and fastest growth in the initial time can be achieved. Most can be expected in the first 2 months, an increase of 1-2 cm. However, this again depends a lot on your body and your workout. But even in the flaccid state of the penis is longer and thicker.

Above are just some basic exercises, you can click on the button below to find the complete Penis Growth Guide. I believe that it’s the right product you are finding.

I wish you much success on the way. I hope that I could help you with this website to reach your goals and have a more fulfilling sex life. Remember, though, you should do the exercises for constant routine. Only with constant training you will succeed and you can enlarge your penis. This method is fun and brings lasting results. It is worth the time investment and your life will change completely. You will get happier and more fulfilled life and a new lifestyle.

Now what do you waiting for?

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