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Methods of Enlarging The Penis Naturally


Methods of Enlarging The Penis Naturally

Why do people want to enlarge their penis?

They believe that a big penis is an important element in the quality of sex. According to many women, a partner with a big penis size is a guaranteed pleasure as well as an impressive manhood. So almost men wondered one day if their penises were a decent size.

It is in this perspective that the men around the world seeking the most appropriate methods of enlarging the penis without jeopardizing their health. The methods of enlarging the penis and how to get safe for the most sensitive organ in humans are what we will see in this article.

The benefits of having a large penis

Sexual confidence of a man is often related to his manhood and in particular the size of his penis. If a large penis can give more assurance, the opposite, a small penis compared to standards, develops an inferiority complex in the man who finds himself deprived of sexual fulfillment. So having a large penis is synonymous with greater confidence and higher performance during sexual antics.

For women, size matters a lot. It is not impossible that a woman who is not satisfied with a partner with a small penis, go look for happiness elsewhere. This is indeed a source of frustration and depression for the man who has not met the expectations of his wife. From there, he will look for methods of enlarging the penis to regain insurance and benefit from a new filled sexuality.

Methods of enlarging the penis

Currently, there are many ways and methods to enlarge the penis and make you earn a few centimeters. Each of these methods has its advantages and risks.

Vacuum pumps:
It is to introduce his penis in a ring to connect the pump which uses air pressure to prevent blood returning from the body and remain in the cavities to penile stretch the penis. This method also has the risk of tissue damage and impotence and it also has other disadvantages:
Can cause erectile dysfunction
Results are only temporary
Over pumping can lead to various and serious problems
Risk of having Peyronies disease.
Danger of bursting your capillaries and circulation problem

Actually, there are two types of surgery like enlarging the girth and enlarging the length. For adding girth to the penis, fat cells are removed from other body parts and implanted them in the penis and for adding length, ligaments are cut which are used to hold the penis in its proper position. So, it can be very painful and distressing for a person.

The Disadvantages of this method:
Difficulties in Achieving Erections: The common risk about penis enlargement surgery is a difficulty in achieving the proper erection during sex. For that, many problems will occur on enjoying the sex.
The cost: This surgery is very costly with a surgery cost of 4000$ to 10000$ in United States. This is considered as a cosmetic surgery. For that this is not covered by insurance companies.
Infection: There is a risk of infection at the site of incision and it can be a cause of more complications.
Scarring: It is really very scarring to keep it clean and dry. This cannot only be unsightly but also uncomfortable for sex.
Loss of sensation in the penis: Loss of sensation is temporary issue after doing the surgery, but for some men it will be permanent problem which can be a cause of sexual dysfunction.
Bleeding: Bleeding is a disadvantage of this surgery. It can be very painful and scarring for some person.
Recovery time: It is one of the biggest problems of penis enlargement surgery. It takes a long time to recover which can be very uncomfortable for any man he cannot do many activities like exercise, sex and many more. It takes minimum of 8 weeks to recover and in some cases, it takes more than that.
So, before doing penis enlargement surgery, be sure that this is the right choice for you because there are many disadvantages and it can be very painful too.

Penis enlargement pills:
It’s very easy and very convenient. You just search in the internet or go to the pharmacy, buy the penis enlargement pill and drink it. And wait for the results, how easy could it get? But do you think that it’s a good or natural method when the pill changes something in your cells and you don’t know what it changes and its outcomes.

Here are some disadvantages of penis enlargement pills for you to consider:
Pills are not regulated and accredit by FDA.
Ineffective for real penis enlargement
Contains bad or negative side effects which could be harmful to you
The gains could just be temporary

These are the most used in penis enlargement means, but with a particular risk level. However, it is not worth worrying about because health experts have developed a revolutionary treatment available to men who do not want to risk their health to enlarge their penis.

The Natural Method of experts.

The good news is that there are effective natural penis enlargement methods. This will show in your performance and stamina.

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