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The most effective natural penis growth techniques


The Penis Enlargement Bible is your guide to the most effective natural penis growth techniques on the planet. If you want to learn how to get MASSIVE growth using only your hands and some readily available natural supplements then read on...

Hello and welcome! I want to start off by telling you how I discovered these amazing techniques, so you can understand the frustration I had with all the "crap" on the internet.

I went through years of blowing cash. I pissed it away. Not on holidays or a new TV... I blew it on get-a-bigger-YOU-KNOW-WHAT products... Over and over again... I bought one scam after another. I was like a prizefighter getting punched HARD, but being too stupid to hit the deck. SLAP! No growth. SMACK! Money wasted. SLAM! As small as I always was... I felt lost.

I was sick of being 'had' by these offers that were to good to be true.

I decided to carve my own path. The last few years of my life have been dedicated to figuring out how to grow the RIGHT WAY. Forget about expensive products that don't work such as pumps, weights (yikes!) and pills. The methods I developed are producing REAL results, as reported by the over 5000 men who have purchased the PE Bible.

After I developed and refined these methods I made a promise to help every man who wants to get bigger. To show them how to grow. That's why I'm here. And that's why you're here. We're at the start of an exciting journey. Stick with it and the results are LIFE-CHANGING.

I'm going to reveal all my secrets. Every single one. And YOU are going to get bigger... A LOT BIGGER.

I am going to teach you the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to increase the size of your penis by 2-4" in length1 giving you the size and confidence you have always wanted!

Not only am I going to help you get bigger but I'm going to give you the POWER to take a *super-lucky* woman to the bedroom and to make her orgasm. Again... And again. And AHHHHH-gain! ;-) You'll be a SUPER-STAR lover in 2 MONTHS1... You'll be Mr. Multiple Orgasm... Duke of Delivering Incredible Sex... King of the Bedroom... If you follow my system, you'll be a LOVE-MACHINE with a BIG PENIS in virtually no time at all.

I have documented my entire penis enlargement journey in a 94 page e-book that I call, "The Penis Enlargement Bible". Not to be sacrilegious but my Bible might just have more of an impact on your life than the "good book" ever did! With the help of my PE Bible and the accessory book, The Penis Exercise Guide I am going to walk you through my two-step method to grow between 2 and 4 inches and length and up to 1 inch in girth within just two short months.1

The techniques I am going to teach you are simple but effective.

You can achieve BIG growth from the comfort of your own home using only your hands and some simple natural supplements which will effectively restart the same growth you experienced during puberty.

The techniques outlined in my system have been used by over 5000 men around the world, giving them life changing results that are easy to achieve. You can experience the same growth and the same results - starting today!

You Will Not Find This Program Anywhere Else Online. It Was Created Exclusively By Me Using Proprietary Techniques That Have Been Tested And Refined.

I don't like liars. Don't be fooled like I was.

I hate liars in all walks of life. But, pill makers in this industry make my blood boil. (I've wasted so much money on devices, cocktails of things, pills, extenders. You name it, I've tried it.) The result: No growth. They duped me. They may have duped you too. I wasted a load of money. Never got a cent back. But how did they dupe me?

They told me things that were impossible. "In 4 weeks you can have as many inches of growth." LIE. Photoshopped photos. LIE. Scammy tales of pills and something else. LIE. They are totally full of you know what.

I now know 4 inches in 4 weeks is impossible. I've grown to 9.1" since using my techniques. I want to help guys. That's why I do this. I want to turn underdogs like I was, into the best men they can be. I want you to be the best man you can be. I want guys like you and me to grow. I want you to grow too. But here's the thing:

Growth takes time, but it WILL happen.

Some people just get it. Growth takes time. My system makes biological changes which cause growth again. It's the exact same process as what happened during puberty. 100% the same. And that's why it works. I'm very honest about how long it takes. Expect it to take anywhere between 5 and 8 weeks to see real growth.1

Two months is the average. 'Two months is an age,' you may think. Two months will be over in the blink of an eye. Ask any of my clients. They've had incredible success. Maybe you'll spend money on 'quicker' methods. Fake methods. Methods that will never, in your whole life, cause growth. So, those people who can't wait two short months for growth should do something now -> LEAVE. Yep, I said it. I can't help you if you just don't get it. But, sadly, you'll probably never grow either. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear you'll always be the underdog.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

10 Best foods of preventing impotence and premature ejaculation


Best foods to help you prevent impotence and premature ejaculation

Impotence or premature ejaculation is a very common disease of two sexual dysfunction. The continued existence of the two diseases is not only itself a lot of pressure but also the sexual disharmony affecting the feelings between husband and wife. So for impotence and premature ejaculation, what foods can help you prevent impotence and premature ejaculation?

Here are the lists of foods for the prevention of premature ejaculation with high effective.

1. Oysters

Oysters contains high amount of zinc, synthetic male hormones help maintain normal prostate surgery. Raw oysters are the best way to keep zinc. Others, such as lobsters, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, Salmon, shrimp, shellfish, algae, etc. are also good.

2. Chocolate:

They stimulate blood flow to the male sex organ. Dark chocolates contain L-Arginine Hcl, an important amino acid that regulates hormone production in the body.

3. Nuts and Mushrooms

Nuts, Beans and Mushrooms are rich in zinc. Beans like kidney beans are natural in boosting sex drive in men.
Walnuts They cure impotency, erectile dysfunction and also premature ejaculation. Walnuts are wonder foods to cure premature ejaculation. They are rich in proteins and crucial minerals.

4. Eggs:

Vitamin D in Eggs is another key component that is linked with boosting sex drive. Consuming around 2 eggs/day will boost testosterone levels in men. Eggs are among highly effective foods that cure premature ejaculation in men.

5. Wine

In the free time you should drink some wine. You can enjoy life and prevent impotence and premature ejaculation effectively, drink 10 to 25 ml of red wine every evening to relax helpfully.

6. Ginsing Tonic

The root of Asian ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an overall wellness supplement. It is believed to boost the immune system, improve heart health, treat diabetes, increase energy, decrease stress, and treat impotence.

7. Asparagus:

Asparagus is associated with several health benefits in men. Primary among them is its positive impact in boosting sex drive in men. Asparagus is rich in several minerals and vitamins including the key vitamin E which s known to boost hormone functioning in men.

8. Bananas

Bananas contain an incredibly effective enzyme called bromelain which boosts sex drive in men. It is also known to increase sperm count in men.

9. Blueberries 

Among the many foods that prevent premature ejaculation, blueberries sure feature at the very top. Blueberries are supremely effective in eliminating free radicals in the body. Free radicals usually interfere with sperm count in men.

10. Almonds 

Almonds are rich in zinc and proteins. Zinc rich foods are natural remedies for premature ejaculation.

Foods are the daily inputs for your body and soul power. They can help you stronger, better or weaker. So foods are really important to our health. And above are the list of 10 best foods of preventing impotence and premature ejaculation. Try to eat them more frequently to perform better in bed.

See more for 6 ways to help you last longer in bed
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

6 natural and effective solutions for premature ejaculation


How to delay ejaculation? 6 natural and effective solutions for premature ejaculation

Enjoy too fast can be very frustrating for the 2 partners when it happens too often and uncontrollably. After understanding the causes of premature ejaculation, here are six effective solutions that have helped me to delay ejaculation and you can use right now.

1. Use thicker condom

If you're struggling to delay ejaculation, you can reduce your sensitivity using thicker condoms. There are also condoms that contain anesthetic gels to help delay ejaculation longer.

For example, I used the condom "Endurance" brand Durex when I was just beginning to cure my premature ejaculation. It contains benzocaine anesthetic that smoothly and helps delay ejaculation. Little more, its shape is designed to maintain the erection for longer! Simple and effective.

I consider that using thicker condom to delay ejaculation is a solution that is effective in the short term but that is not always viable in the long term. Especially when you're with her long-time partner.

Condoms, it can still be expensive when love making love;-). And have sex without a condom is nicer ... when you are with a partner for some time and that you trust (safety first!).

2. Retardant gels

If you have unprotected sex with your partner, know that there retardants gels that you can apply on the glans.

Apply the gel on the glans and massage so that penetrates the mucosa. Leave on for 10 minutes and clean the penis scalped with running water before sexual act (do not worry, the gel will have penetrated the skin). If you do not clean your penis, you may anesthetize the your partner's vagina!

3. Masturbate before sex

You masturbate a few hours if you know you will have sex that day. This will allow you to delay ejaculation during the 2 nd time.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as that;-)

4. Relax during sex and make last preliminary

If all your muscles are tense, you may ejaculate faster than if you were relaxed. Then release your body, loosen the toes and put you at ease!

Take your time before penetration and made to last foreplay. The advantage is twofold:

You give time to channel your excitement;
Although excite your partner that penetration does not last too long for it to reach orgasm. If she enjoys faster, you have to make less effort to delay ejaculation!
Foreplay is a good time to oral sex. A good cunnilingus can only put your partner in favorable conditions to achieve orgasm during penetration easier:-).

5. The best sexual positions to last longer

There are sexual positions that are more conducive than others to delay ejaculation.

Choose a position where you can spare your sexual arousal. It depends on each of us. In my case, I know the "doggy style" is a position that excites me a lot and makes me cum faster. When I feel the sensation of excitement rises too fast, I change position.

Choose a comfortable position and do not ask too much effort. So you will be more relaxed and you can better manage your excitement.

The best position for this is that of the andromaque: you are lying on your back with a pillow under the head (for that matter!) and your partner is riding on you.

Choose a position that does not stimulate your penis too. Some positions give more effect than others. The missionary is a position where the penis into the vagina naturally aligned, allowing you to last longer. To delay ejaculation more effectively in this position, try to align your body as possible with your partner, placing your forearms on the bed

The missionary helps delay ejaculation when the partners are aligned. Man sits on his forearms, hands at the head of his partner.

6. Spread the excitement in your body

This is surely one of the best techniques I learned through a friend to delay ejaculation.

If you focus your concentration on the sensation of your penis during intercourse, you may enjoy very quickly. To delay ejaculation as much as possible, try to focus on the whole of your body, not just your penis.

When I feel the excitement rising, I transport my attention to the sensation of my feet or my legs for example. I try to feel the touch of my feet on the bed or how my feet are anchored in the ground if I'm standing.

I can also focus my attention elsewhere than on the body of my partner. I stare eg ceiling or wall in front of me. This allows me to lower my excitement and delay ejaculation.

With practice, you can even delay your ejaculation by focusing your thoughts on less exciting things: your shopping list, your appointment with the banker, bills to pay etc. It's not glamorous, but it's very effective!

 If you feel you are about to enjoy, do not hesitate to withdraw while continuing to stimulate your partner with hugs and kisses. Use your fingers or make him oral sex to keep her excitement while waiting for your back down (without either up losing your erection obviously).

Exercises to delay ejaculation long term

6 tips I gave you above are solutions that you can apply now to delay ejaculation. However, in long term, I urge you to exercise regularly to help you resolve all your worries early sustainable ejaculation. Obviously it will ask you the motivation to perform these exercises regularly, but if you are motivated, they will help you to become really tough to bed as they were able to help me. In order to get the detail guides to solve this problem in long term, please CLICK HERE. I guarantee that you permanently solve this problem and are always satisfied.
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

5 causes of premature ejaculation


5 causes of premature ejaculation

Few people know but premature ejaculation is the sexual problem that occurs most often in men. A medical study found that over 65% of men aged 18 to 69 at least occasionally suffered from premature ejaculation (This study also explains that often suffers 11% and 5% suffer from very early ejaculation called "ante portas" , ie even before penetration). Before discussing the solutions to heal, we first focus on the causes of premature ejaculation.

But first: What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the act of ejaculating too quickly without being able to control his excitement. It is not considered a disease, ie that premature ejaculation is not due to a physical malfunction. However, the failure to control his ejaculation can seriously harm the welfare of the couple.

It is common to consider that premature ejaculation is when it arrives before 2 minutes after penetration. But in reality, there is no exact definition of premature ejaculation. However, it could be defined as:

 Ejaculation happens before the man or the woman wishes, causing dissatisfaction or frustration of both partners.

The EP comes in varying degrees of severity. In its most severe form, ejaculation comes just thinking of an exciting situation without a contact. This is (hopefully) a very rare case. In fact, premature ejaculation occurs just before penetration during or shortly after.

Causes of premature ejaculation 

1. No. 1 cause - Anxiety, Stress

The causes of premature ejaculation are mostly psychological in origin time and rarely a physical problem.

Anxiety can cause chemical changes in the nervous system, accelerating the ejaculatory reflex. In striving to fight against the fears, the ejaculatory aggravates the loss of control, like a man struggling in quicksand.

The stress of the first

The first sex can be stressful, causing premature ejaculation. Whether the first time or the first time with a new partner, we find the same components:

- The fact of not knowing "sexually" his partner and not be comfortable with it;
- Being uptight, not to be relaxed;
- Fear to fail to give him pleasure;
- The long wait for the first sexual intercourse which only deepens the pressure starts man on itself.
The stress of the first generally decreases with time and the complicity that is forged slowly within the couple.

The lack of sexual confidence

The fear of not being able to satisfy his partner, not to "make the bed" can be one of the causes of premature ejaculation. It is especially harmful after a premature ejaculation, the man can still lose a notch confidence that already lacked. A vicious circle is created that may be difficult for him to get out.

The lack of sexual confidence may manifest in different forms:

- A man who lacks experience with women;
- A man who is obsessed with his sexual performance;
- An elderly man who has a relationship with a woman much younger than him;
- A man who generally lack confidence in him;
- Etc.
The negative reviews its performance and lack of support from sexual partner may sink even further in his premature ejaculation problem.

Anxiety due to lack of experience rather than age

One might think that age is one of the causes of premature ejaculation. But in reality, it is rather the lack of experience that is factor EP. If premature ejaculation instead arrives at the young man, it is simply due to the recent nature of his sexuality rather than his age.

When little sexual experience and that we had sex with a new partner or different requirements usually (unusual places, unusual practices), premature ejaculation may occur.

2. The psychological trauma

Bad sexual experiences may leave marks and be one of the causes of premature ejaculation.

Injuries can occur in different ways:

- First sexual experience failed: secret place, fear of being caught, pressure to do well. All of which have marked the premature ejaculation;
- Sex that have not lived up to the expectation of one of the two partners;
- A relational order conflict with his partner;
- Repeated negative reviews about human sexual performance from his partner (or ex-partner);
- Etc.

3. Education and Identity

Education and life experience may also be causes of premature ejaculation:

- The feeling of shame and guilt associated with a strict religious upbringing where sex is seen as a sin can be a source of EP;
- A man who is not comfortable in his masculinity, skirmish between the fear of being dominated and the desire to dominate.

4. The frequency of sexual intercourse

Infrequent sex or rarely can cause premature ejaculation.

We rarely think of it as causes of premature ejaculation. Yet it is real and can be easily resolved (well, it depends on your partner and your power of persuasion;-)).

5. Premature ejaculation as a secondary cause of another evil

Sometimes, premature ejaculation is a side effect of another problem.

 This may be caused by the difficulty of obtaining strong and sustainable erection that would lead men to enjoy as soon as possible before losing his erection;
Or a physical problem in the prostate, or an infection of the urethra causing painful sensations in man. Hence the search for a quick enjoyment to reduce their suffering;
Drug use can also stimulate the nervous system and cause a more rapid ejaculation as desired.

The consequences of premature ejaculation

Sexual point of view, premature ejaculation is correlated with a lack of sensation during ejaculation. One of the secondary effects of ejaculation is having trouble maintaining his erection. The PE can also reduce sexual desire. Indeed, by dint of concentrating on controlling his ejaculation, man can indulge in sexual pleasure.

Even worse, if the premature ejaculation problem is not treated, it can destroy gradually the confidence of the man who is the victim and his couple. With repeated failures, negative feelings accumulate both in the man who is injured in his esteem and masculinity that his partner does not feel satisfied.

Do not let premature ejaculation ruin your life!!! React before it is too late!!! 

My close friend almost loses (his work, his friends and his girlfriend), because premature ejaculation eating him from the inside. He is a proof that you can get away and with motivation, we can get by.

Treat the causes of premature ejaculation to be finally happy!!!

No bizarre drugs, just the motivation and exercise! You can CLICK HERE to find down more detail guides. I believe that you can happy more! Try and experience!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

3 exercises to control premature ejaculation


3 exercises to control premature ejaculation

Many people think that treating premature ejaculation is a waste of time. Yet there are exercises to control premature ejaculation. Working with regularity, I have managed in less than 2 months to finally get rid of this problem which rots the lives of so many men.

I propose you a series of exercise to do regularly that complement the techniques to delay premature ejaculation that you can apply immediately.

The stop and go

The stop and go is an exercise whose principle is to stimulate his penis while masturbating and stop when you feel that ejaculation is imminent.

Take a break of 30 to 60 seconds. Gradually, as you learn to control ejaculation, you will decrease the pause time.
Repeat and allow you to enjoy at the end of the 5th time.
The purpose of this exercise is to learn to identify the time when you will enjoy and master this feeling. In addition to teaching your body, signals and mechanisms to control ejaculation, you gain confidence: Indeed, it is you who decide when you ejaculate!

You can also ask your partner to masturbate. In this case, you must tell her when to stop. This variant is more difficult because the situation is more exciting and you will need more effort to ask your partner to stop while controlling your ejaculation.

The squeeze

Squeeze is a term that means "shake". The idea is to squeeze box (or ask his partner to shake) the base of the penis just past the glans with his thumb and forefinger when you feel the excitement coming. Apply much pressure on the urethra, the tube underneath the penis, which leads sperm.

Done at the right time, the "squeeze" reduces blood flow and so delay ejaculation.

If the "squeeze" is performed too late and you've reached the point of "no return", ejaculation is gone. Then you will delay the only momentarily: sperm then flow without pressure once you have loosened the penis.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises involve muscle the PC muscle (for pubococcygeus). In addition to delay ejaculation, have a toned PC muscle provides orgasms without ejaculating!

How to locate the PC muscle?

The area of the muscles of the PC to control ejaculation
It's very simple: the PC muscle is the one that allows you to hold your urine when you go to the bathroom. What man has ever played it when he was a kid? ;-). It is located between the anus and testicles.

To find it, you just have to urinate and try to stop the flow of current. You should feel a contraction between the testicles and anus.

Congratulations, you make your first flexion PC!

How the PC muscle?

First, start work gradually. As a body builder who would put too much strain on his body at once, without heating, it may be injured.

Without going that far, you risk small aches if you force too early!

Exercise 1: Small contraction. Contract the PC muscle, hold 2 seconds then release. 5 Perform the first day. Exercise 2 : Large contraction. Contract the PC muscle, hold for 10 seconds. Perform in one the first day. The goal is to increase a repetition in each session. Once you reach 20 repetitions for the period 1 to 10 for the year 2, start by adding one second contraction every year.

When train your PC muscle?

The advantage of this exercise to control ejaculation is to be invisible to all causes when his PC muscle!

You can train whenever you like: eating, watching TV, transportation, office etc.
The most important is consistency. If you decide to do three sessions a day, keep your commitment and keep that pace. It is better to aim high and be less regular than trying to do 10 sessions one day and being tired after 3 days.
With 1-2 months of regular exercise (I emphasize "regular"), you start seeing amazing results on your ability to control ejaculation.

If you practice good tonic PC will allow you to control ejaculation during sex.

When you feel the pleasure mounted, you just have to make contractions to decrease your excitement and delay ejaculation.

The secret to a good ejaculatory control is to identify the moment just before the "point of no return" (the one where you can not hold ejaculation) to make your contractions or remove yourself from your partner if your PC muscle is not yet strong enough.

Therefore, these three exercises are complementary to cure premature ejaculation and become a great lover in bed!

The stop and go teach you to identify the signals to control ejaculation and gain confidence in your ability to master you,
The squeeze teaches you to locate the point of no return and acknowledge the ultimate time to delay ejaculation momentarily;
Kegel exercises help beef up your PC to delay ejaculation in full sexual act.

So get started now! You do not need equipment, no need to put yourself in sportswear to cure your premature ejaculation and finally live the life of your dreams!

To get detail guidebook, you can click here to discover how to do it steps by steps.
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Friday, November 14, 2014

How to cure premature ejaculation


How to cure premature ejaculation

How to cure premature ejaculation is a very common question, do you have the same question? Follow us to find the answer for this question. Doctors says that there are two types of premature ejaculation: a primary, in which the problem exists, since the man in question is sexually active; and secondary, which occurred at some point before that he had no such problems.

Decision of how to cure premature ejaculation
If you have doubts, this is neither shameful nor degrading to return to the doctor sexologist. Yet it is the specialist will best judge whether there is really a problem, what you received and how to be removed. And, as already mentioned, premature ejaculation is quite common, so you have nothing to worry about. If you see a doctor, you should be prepared to answer a lot of personal issues, but there is no way - just so the specialist can assess where the core of the problem. These questions may relate to your religious upbringing, your sexual experience, the circumstances in which the disturbance occurred, your overall health, any friction in your current relationship ... The problem of "premature ejaculation" involving many factors.  To answer the main question - how to cure premature ejaculation you should start with things that you can do alone.

One of the recommendations of the experts is masturbating an hour or two before sex in order to slow as possible ejaculation during the act. Another tip for a while to avoid intercourse and instead practice other types of sexual play (manual, oral ...) to reduce tension on how to present the penis.
There is one method that can also help. It consists of the following: Sex begins as usual with foreplay, stimulation of the penis etc. At the moment the man feels that will end his partner grabs finger tip of the penis - where the head ends. The idea is to apply a several pressure to eliminate the desire of man to do immediately. Then wait half a minute and again renewed foreplay. It is possible to decrease slightly erection of this procedure, but it's just a bit, as soon as the stimulation continues, it becomes normal again. This is always done when a man is about to end, but does not want it. But after several such acts lead to a situation in which the man himself can now help himself, without requiring any techniques.

Another method is to remove the penis from the woman every time you feel that it would end, and she is not ready for this.

Some condom use also slows ejaculation as it reduces the stimulation of the penis.

Why should I take action?

If premature ejaculation is not addressed, it can greatly harm a relationship. However, sex is an essential part of the man-woman relationship and sexual problems very easily grow into communication problems, etc. Moreover, the confidence of every man is very important to him to feel satisfied, and if he emptied prematurely, this cannot happen.

The most important thing in the sexual side of a relationship (and throughout the relationship) is both partners feel equally satisfied with what they do together. So any problem that you, she, or they both have in bed should be considered. In the beginning it may be awkward, but if you do not talk about these things, they cannot repair itself. Moreover, often the in a candid conversation may find that the problem is not serious and that they can quickly resolve it. This will improve the quality of the relationship as a whole.

To cure premature ejaculation is not an end result but it is a process. You need follows strictly step by step. Wish you can cure premature ejaculation quickly to enjoy your endless love life.

If you want to get detail guides for this problem and wish to know exactly how to cure premature ejaculation, you can click the button below to start the process. REMEMBER! If you wait for moment, you will lose a moment of getting an opportunity, getting happiness sooner, getting a result sooner, and getting more confidence before your partner.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to prolong ejaculation


How to prolong ejaculation. Useful tips against premature ejaculation

It is well known that the mutual pleasure delivered by a man and a woman in bed is the most complete when both reach orgasm at the same time. Therefore, premature ejaculation can be quite unpleasant. If it happens twice a year, this is no problem. However, if a man regularly ends before his girlfriend it’s becoming problem. Time after time you should consider some actions.

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder common male faces these days. It is expressed in the fact that man is emptied before the actual penetration or immediately thereafter.

According to most experts, they are mostly psychological, but there is information that can also be physiological.

In some cases, such premature ejaculation may be a product of another disorder - erectile dysfunction. According to some studies - men who suffer from this problem, and men who have no such complaints, there are differences in the levels of certain hormones, as well as the sensitivity of the genitals. Various health problems and some medications can also lead to premature discharge.

Psychology and...
On the other hand, some psychological moments facilitate the occurrence of this disorder. For example, men who are eager to get an erection or are worried whether they will hold it long enough, often suffer from premature discharge.

Premature discharge may be early sexual intercourse, where there is a desire of quick finishing for various reasons, such as not to get caught. In addition, if a man grew up in an environment where sex is considered something dirty or sinful, it could develop a sense of guilt associated with sex, and thus endeavor to complete the sexual act as quickly as possible.

Other sexual problems also contribute to the occurrence of premature discharge. Such a problem is the fear of losing an erection, often associated with impotence. These things can also lead to a desire to complete a quick sex before something goes wrong. A rush is a common cause of the problem we are discussing.

Stress leads to many problems, and this is hardly hear it for the first time. Any emotional or mental stress can affect your performance in bed and lead to disorders including premature ejaculation.
When you talk about premature ejaculation?

As you know, there is no generally accepted rule for how long after the act the man should be emptied. To say that there is a problem, we must consider the subjective experience of both partners - if in most cases, when a man and a woman have sex, the man left before they both want it, then there is premature ejaculation.

I hope you can get benefits from this article. Need more guides or tips on how to prolong ejaculation, please click the button below.


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